About Me!


Hi and welcome to my blog! Formerly known as Lenny Likes to Blog, The Path to Where is my collection of posts on things I love to talk about and want to share with the rest of the world! This blog started in the summer of 2014 and since then I've been talking about food, current events, beauty and fashion. 


Hey! I'm Malensu and the founder of The Path to Where. I'm a 19 year old living in the UK and a hopeful Child Nursing student starting in September 2017. I love writing and reading loads of books, and combined with my interest in photography, it creates this blog! If you fancy a chat or just wanna ask a question, send me a tweet @malensu_k 

For any collaboration or sponsorship enquiries, you can contact me with lkabeya7@googlemail.com


All opinions expressed on this blog are my own. Sponsored content will clearly be identified within the post!