Styling with StyleWe

May 07, 2017

I don't make it known, but I love to keep up with fashion, and there's always that little bit of happiness when I find exactly what I'm looking for. So, when StyleWe contacted me, I knew I could find exactly anything I could ever want.

StyleWe is an online shopping platform that showcases independent fashion designers. Every designer is different and ensures you can find any unique piece you are looking for. Here are some of my favourite items:

They have a collection of black kimonos, this one above being my favourite. I love the embroidered flowers and how perfect it would look in spring or summer. The black belt is also a great addition.

Their sequin jumpsuit pieces are also perfect for any season! This one is available in gold and navy and both look absolutely beautiful. To dress them down I would pair them with converse, so they look more casual and effortless. 

StyleWe also has a collection of accessories and handbags that are definitely worth checking out.  Their knitwear would be perfect once winter rolls around.

Go check out StyleWe to find your unique style!

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